Miracle Brands

MiracleWipes are a true innovation with an incredible back story. MiracleWipes were originally developed for boat builders who were trying remove fiberglass epoxy, a difficult to remove product from hands, surfaces, clothes and tools.

MiracleWipes were so effective at removing fiberglass epoxy that the Miracle Brand founders decided to make other specialty formulations to safely and effectively remove oil based paint, latex paint, epoxy, grease, spray paint, stain and other really difficult to remove contaminants from your hands, tools, and surfaces.


  • Miracle Wipes Auto

    Miracle Wipes for Auto

    Whether you?re a gearhead or a mechanic keeping cars running strong, it?s inevitable that you and your vehicle are going to get a bit dirty when you?re working on it. That?s why Miracle Brands has developed MiracleWipes? for Auto. These automotive wipes are strong enough to remove dirt, grime, lubricants, grease, tar, and adhesives from engine parts, but still soft and gentle for use on leather seats or your hands. Dual textured with melt blown polypropylene fibers. Smear-free “absorb & lock” design.

  • Miracle Wipes for Boots

    Miracle Wipes for Boots

    Miracle Wipes for Boots offers a quick and convenient solution to clean, condition and protect boots.

  • Columbus Trading

    Miracle Wipes for Carpet

    Miracle Wipes for Carpet

  • Miracle Wipes Electronics

    Miracle Wipes for Electronics

    MiracleWipes? for Electronics re the quickest and easiest way to clean all of your electronic screens and devices. Our anti-static formula dries quickly and will leave your screen or device clean and clear. Our Ammonia-free formula will help remove fingerprints, smudges, dust and dirt effortlessly. lint-free, Ammoniafree, Phosphate-free.

  • Miracle Wipes Glass

    Miracle Wipes for Glass

    MiracleWipes? for Glass is the perfect glass cleaning wipe for any situation to make cleaning your windows easy and fast. Miracle Brands glass wipes are pre-moistened so forget spraying, our wipes dry fast leaving your window looking steak free! Wipe goodbye to smudges, fingerprints, dirt and grime. MiracleWipes? for Glass makes clean-up easy!

  • Miracle Wipes Heavy Duty

    Miracle Wipes for Heavy Duty Cleaning

    When it comes to keeping your job site, garage or house clean you need a wet wipe that is tough enough to withstand a good scrub. MiracleWipes? for Heavy Duty were created with a strong, resilient fabric and a non-toxic formula to help you get a deeper clean with less effort. Great on all surfaces, tools and appliances, designed for the professional job site.

  • Miracle Wipes Leather

    Miracle Wipes for Leather

    Restore your leather?s beautiful, natural look with MiracleWipes? for Leather! Our leather cleaning wipes help clean, condition, and protect your surfaces, upholstery, shoes, and car interior with premium oils! Miracle Brands leather wipes are formulated to moisturize and restore your leather with UV-protectant support. Finally get that like new look, feel, and smell with pre-moistened wipes that are quick and easy to use in your vehicle and around the house.

  • Miracle Wipes Paint

    Miracle Wipes for Paint

    MiracleWipes for Paint offers Tradesmen, Professional Painters and Do-It-Yourselfers a quick and convenient cleanup solution for your hands, surfaces, tools and more. MiracleWipes also acts as a surface prep wipe for baseboards, walls, cabinets and furniture! Our paint wipes help you wipe away wet paints, epoxies, dirt, grime, and other hard to clean messes! Try our paint cleaning products today to ensure you make your next cleanup easy!

  • Miracle Wipes Stainless Steel

    Miracle Wipes for Stainless Steel

    Don?t let smudges, fingerprints, and stuckon grime keep your kitchen appliances from looking sparkly and new! Miracle Brands developed stainless-steel wipes that help wipe away dirt, oils, and impurities while leaving behind a smooth, even finish. MiracleWipes? for Stainless Steel is designed to clean, protect, and polish black or silver stainless steel surfaces. They?re the perfect choice for keeping your kitchen looking spotless!